Memories of a War & Short Stories
by Avery L. Weeks

"Everything on earth
is but the dust of fallen
stars, and man himself
was once inside a star."

                       Poems by Avery L. Weeks


 As the years pass


does the essence of those 


to whom we once were close


the whole full bodied presence 


become harder to touch


Mere reflections through the 


prism of another time


kaleidoscopic vignettes


grasp in bits and pieces


fading flickering


scenes from a silent movie 




                                                                                   --Avery L.Weeks


                           It's October 23rd and would you believe

                                     that just a day or two ago

                                    swallows nested in my eve

                                   and bees with constant drone

                                  were busy making honeycomb

                                             It's colder now... 


                                                                            --Avery L.Weeks 

                              Ebony Mirrors

                                                                                            -- Avery L. Weeks


                  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

a gypsy's heart 

a rover's blood

a heart that's cloaked in fears 

a caravan passes

bids me come

I'm mired in a pool of tears 


                            --Avery L. Weeks 

                          Message to Iwo Jima

Obscure poems collected by Avery L. Weeks during The War

                   What Did You Do Today?

                             --Lt. Dean Shatlain

The note on the side was written in regard to a draft-dodger who fled to Alaska and got rich off The War. 





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