Memories of a War & Short Stories
by Avery L. Weeks

"Everything on earth
is but the dust of fallen
stars, and man himself
was once inside a star."

One Broken Heart Two Wedding Rings

This tune was originally titled "How Red the Rose," but the publisher

rejected the original lyric stating it was "too poetic". The publisher was

delighted when it morphed into "One Broken Heart Two Wedding

Rings," which was written in an hour outside of the publishers office

that day in 1956. I have always preferred the original lyric and it is

included here:

How Red the Rose lyric

She left me tonight

And so the story goes

How sad my heart

How red the rose

What am I to do

Forget her I suppose

How my heart's blue

How red the rose 

Those years of laughter

And these few tears

Are ever after my souvenirs

I need her tonight

And only hope she knows

How sad my heart

How red the rose
Girl in the Burlesque

 Note: This piece is played with a "rinky-tink" piano style.





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